11/30/02: This will probably be the last time I update this site. I moved from New York a couple months ago and can't focuse on a little kid game anymore.

10/19/01: More updates! I've showed some of my RL friends this site. I hope you guys like it, haha! ;)

8/1/01: Put up a poll! Is shadow cool, or just trying to be goth?

7/29/01: SA2 is pretty good, right? I love the new chao stuff, even if it's pretty complicated now. I'll try to figure it out and update the site with strategies if I have time.

4/21/01: I've been gone for a while, but SA2 is coming out in two months! I think it will be better than the first. I will change this to a SA *AND* SA2 fansite when I convince my parents to buy it for me :)

2/11/01: I've cleaned up my page alot. I had some pretty embarassing stuff up from when I was a little kid...It's still here if you look for it, but don't blame me! I'll even keep all the changelogs for posterity's sake. This is why you don't go online as a baby, kids.

2/1/01: Updated some advice!

1/13/01: Happy second birthday to this page! Don't worry, I still love it. Updated some formatting stuff.

12/25/00: Merry Chrismas! Did you get a PS2? Or pokemon crystal??? Let me know!

11/20/00: Monthly update and poll! Did you get gold or silver? Is your rival cool or is he a big jerk?

10/20/00: Thank you so much ChaosKirby64 for your help with Chaos stats!! Also Pokemon Silver is so fun... I changed up one of my stories to make Sara a lugia now. Let me know what you think.

9/19/00: Did you know that chao recognize which character you play as in the game Sonic Adventure! I think thats so cool. I don't know how they have them do that!

8/15/00: More updates. Fun fact: my favorite chao animal is a seal!

7/7/00: Added more stuff to the guide pages, and cleaned up grammer and editing thanks to some friends.

5/19/00: I hope that this site is helpful to you guys!! I forgot to change this page because I was focused on school and keeping it updated with all the new information you guys found.

10/9/99: Because i like it so much, this isnt a pokemon page anymore!!! IY's about Sonic and chao becase theye are bettwr. Ok

7/21/99: Please dont say mean things on my page please( Also I'm not a kid i'm old enough to use the computer responsibly. Can't say the same for you!!)

5/3/99: That was april fools actually! I will keep this site up because its good. I will figure out what to make my site about and even post my art if i can figure out how. Thank you for being nice to me

4/1/99: i changed my mind. you were all really mean about my storyes so Im not posting them anymore even my good ones

3/2/99: I posted some of my sotires on my about page! Please read them and tell me what you think, so i may write more!


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