~Welcome to the Hidden Garden~

Finally, welcome to the garden... I hope you enjoyed your journey!

and... If *you* are reading this...

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings all those years ago. I genuinely did trust you with this site- I met people who were some of my closest friends on here, had a hobby during the summer, had something where people I didn't even know would talk to me like they knew me... Like we could be friends.

It's been so long with me not saying anything, I'm not sure if I could talk to them anymore. Soon, it probably will be impossible. They're shutting down this site soon, you know? As far as I know, everything will be gone. And since its been 5 years of the most useful part of this site being erased, nobody's probably going to save this.

...I won't, either. It's probably for the best this stays in the past.

Feel free to stay here as long as you like, until the site goes down at least. If you want to go back to the main menu, click here.

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