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Any way... I have a new found love for Chao.(In the SADX game cube game. it may be oldish but it's soo FUN!) My favorite is Smile, my white monotone swimming chao!(...)Ya know.. I'm gonna wright a story about my chao. I'm acepting OCs. And this is a couple of my trandmark phrases:

Recap: new story, OCs welcome, I love chao, kirby, pokemon, pie, and corn bread.

And now, by 'inpiration' from other users am doin' THIS (includes famous video game characters I like!)

1.Mario 2.Pikachu

3. Kirby




7.King DeDeDe

8.Pokemon Trainer (Charzaird Squirtal Bulbasaur)



What if (1) stole all your food?

Man I shouldn't of bought all thoose mushrooms...I hate mushrooms...

You are gettig

(i lost the rest of the thing and i can't remebmeber it anymore. So im stopping here Sorry)

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